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What is the West End Community Fund (WECF)?

The WECF is just one example of how West End gets behind South Australian communities, because life’s all about locals helping locals.  The WECF receives contributions from the many local people who access the West End water fountain on Port Road.  Proceeds are used to benefit local communities in many ways.  Our goals are to assist communities that have an urgent need and to provide funding for projects that will improve the lifestyle of a community.

If your community or charity group is looking for support, please use this site to learn more about the Fund, the support we provide, and how you can apply.  And if you’ve ever filled up at the West End water fountain, thanks for your support.  Cheers!

What is the WECF’s role?

The West End water fountain has been dispensing fresh filtered water since 2000 however a donation was requested from the public accessing this water in 2002.  Initially the former Adelaide Bank Charitable Foundation was charged with managing the distribution of donations  received.  In January 2009, the WECF committee was established.  Presided by a group comprising of members of the West End Brewery management as well as one independent community-based representative, it’s charter is to ensure that the money YOU donate goes back into YOUR community.

How are the funds used?

The basic aim of the WECF is to direct funds to South Australian communities, in particular when there’s a need for a special community project or following a disaster.   Additionally donations are directed to worthy charitable causes on a case by case basis.

The Fund prefers to donate goods and services rather than financial grants en masse, and attempts to use local suppliers and tradespeople wherever possible.  This optimises the value for money of our donation while supporting businesses in the community at the same time.

Does it work?

Donations from the West End water fountain have already reached amazing levels.  In fact, there is nearly $2million raised since June 2002, and that money has returned to the community via the following worthwhile initiatives:

How do I apply for WECF support?

Groups working on a community project and charities in need are welcome to apply to the WECF for support.  Click on the links below for detailed information: