The Reclaim

Now is the time for action. Way back in 1847, the state known as Victoria misplaced a border line and took 500 square miles of prime South Australian land right from under our noses. This colossal blunder has stranded many genuine South Australians in no-man’s land. Let’s remark the border and give these people the chance to discover what’s so great about being a true blue South Australian.

Last year, a resounding 88% of South Australians voted in favour of West End reclaiming the land that was lost to Victoria. Join The Reclaim and help those who are really meant to be one of us enjoy the best of the South Australian lifestyle.

Keep reading to see the video explaining how this happened, the timeline with key dates, and how you can support The Reclaim.

get the facts:

Expert historian, our passionate mate Bob Dunn and adopted South Australian, shares the sorry tale about the mother of all stuff ups back in 1851 when Victoria managed to snatch a whopping 500 square miles of prime South Australian land. Like Bob, you may need to crack a West End Draught to help you wash away the bitter taste of this monumental injustice.

Bob tells us about the botched-up border, which led to a dispute that would span 7 decades. Our mate Bob Dunn delves deeper into the dispute, explaining exactly how the border marking went pear shaped.

test your s.a. knowledge

You might pour Farmers Union Iced Coffee on your cereal and believe the Malls Balls are the 8th wonder of the world but just how South Australian are you? Take our short quiz to find out. If your score proves you're South Australian through and through, enjoy bragging rights by posting it to Facebook and challenge your mates to prove they have South Australia running through their veins. We think the loser should shout everyone a West End Draught!

show your support:

As a proud South Australian, or as someone who believes it's important to right wrongs (even those that happened 160-odd years ago), vote in our poll and make your voice heard.

Should West End Draught remark the border on behalf of all South Australians?

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Tell all your mates about it and download your official Facebook profile picture and support our campaign to reclaim the land.


South Australia has a long, proud history. Crack a cold West End Draught, sit back and bask in some of the key dates that impacted The Reclaim and moments that have made us unique among Australians.